Who are the real “High-Risk” kids?

Do you know there is such a thing as “high-risk” children when it comes to the risk of being sexually abused? Any idea of who they are? I’ll give you a moment to think about it…

Any idea yet?

They’re usually children from lower income families, uneducated parents, often single parent family. Wait before you think I’m generalizing it. I’m not saying single parents of low income and little education can’t take good care of their children or protect them from abuse. But there are actually studies that suggest children from those environments are more likely to go through some sort of sexual abuse.

That’s what I have a problem with. Everyone in the school system, social working system, medical system or whatever are warned of those kinds of high-risk children. My professor of Child Development Psychology talked about these high-risk children. That’s great for them. Even though they’re more likely to be hurt somehow, there are people looking out for them, in and our the school system. They’re also more likely to be protected from it.

The problem is, these “high-risk” children are only called that because they’re the ones whose abuse are actually exposed. The so-called “normal” families, the ones who have higher incomes, educated parents are much better at living concealed, fabricated lives, filled with lives, in which sexual abuse is never exposed when it happens. And their children? They have no one to protect them, because “things like that don’t happen to children like them”

Having PhD parents who make over 100k a year won’t protect children from being sexually abused, and I know that first hand. The problem is the mentality of people who will never look at those children, who have such comfortable home lives and think something so nefarious may be happening to them.

That makes them even more afraid to tell, that makes them even more willing to believe the lies their abuse will tell that no one will ever believe them, because they have known their whole lives that children like them are not raped and tortured and beaten. Other types of kids do. Not them. No one will ever believe them.

So, who’s high-risk? Who’s at risk of not being protected or believed? Who’s at risk of having to keep a secret their whole lives out of shame and doubt and not ever knowing if they’ll be believed? Because “things like that don’t happen to kids like you,” they have been told.

Unless someone changes that, they’ll always be unprotected. And at risk.